Friday, February 11, 2011

10 Signs of a True Nurse

10 Signs of a True Nurse

by Sherrylyn Vivero BSN, RN.

1. You greet your patients, “How are you this afternoon?” without realizing that you’re in a morning shift (You are used to working long hours of evening shifts!).

2. You let your patient lie down in bed, slightly upright in a very comfortable position because you can tell that he will faint before your intravenous insertion.

3. You can smile and comfort a very apologetic patient. You simply say, “It’s alright” while holding your breath after several episodes of bowel movement with a unique scent of aroma.

4. You were telling your friends (co-nurses) how you love O.R. experience seeing a balloon like intestine and suctioning bright red blood while eating inside a Spaghetti Factory.

5. You shout “Success!” in a gleaming voice after waiting for your patient to have a bowel movement after a couple of days of meticulous strategies.

6. Before starting an IV you inform your patient, “It’s just a small prick, you don’t have to look if you don’t want to.” (with a number 18 gauge needle in your hand)

7. You can tell by the look if your patient will “code.” You phone the doctor and he says, “No worries, he’s okay.” Then, a couple of minutes later you paged the code team and when the doctor arrive you said, “I told you so!”

8. You’re assisting your patient in a standing position while having a shower. You finished and got out of the bathroom with a dry uniform from head to toe – you’re rare and should be called a “Shower Yoda”.

9. There was a code in your unit, one of your patients fell and scheduling phoned that you're 2 staff short. You can still manage to smile and let out a good laugh plus you’re the charge nurse on top of that!

10. You noticed that your patient is blushing when you asked him to undress, before shaving both his groins for the upcoming operation. You said, “It's okay, I’ve seen different sizes and different colors...” 

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